Homework Help Program


We provide tutoring for the hours your children is at Mom's House.


Pick up and Drop Off

We provide you with service to pick up or leave your children to their schools or home. Their safty is our main priority. We have insurance and we provide car seats as required by their ages. And best of all, it does not require any fees.

These are the basic rates. Contact for full details at


*Payment obligations are based on the hours you agree to use child care

*Payment is due if you have agreed to use a certain block of time whether or not the child actually attends during those hours.
This includes national holidays.

Open 24 Hours/ 7 Days a Week

Ages one months to 12 years

FULL-TIME: $150.00 per week

Under one Years Old: $5.00 per hour

Part-Time Rate of Four Hours or Less: $20.00

After Full-Time / Part Time Rates = $5.00 per hour

Daily Rate per Child for Eight Hours

Child one year or older = $30.00

(Care provided on space–available basis)

Call to reserve your schedule in advance with the Daycare. If not, your space may be taken by another family. When attending on a weekly / monthly bases, it’s required to pay one week in advance.

PAYMENT IS REQUIRED EVEN IF THE CHILD DOES NOT ATTEND THE DAYCARE. Discounts are not given for missed days. Two weeks notice is required to terminate daycare.


Hacemos excepciones y arreglos en nuestras tarifas de acuerdo a las necesidades de nuestros niños porque creemos fuertemente que lo mas importante es la seguridad de nuestros niños, por favor contactarnos para mayor información!


Mom's House Day Care Schedule & Days Off: April (Easter), May (Mother's Day), June (Father's Day), July 4th (Independence), November (Thanksgiving), December 24 & 25th (until 5pm), December 31 (until 5pm) & January 1st (New Year).

There will be a late fee of $1.00 per every five minutes that you are late in picking up your child. Over time payment is payable on the date of occurrence.


We provide Healthy Meals


Your kids will have a daily meal provided by Moms House, we encourage the kids to eat healthy and we fulfill mom's expectations.


Potty Training


Are you having trouble Potty training your kid? Mommy will give you a hand!